If you want to start or grow your Marketing business

Then you need a HighLevel snapshot that is tailored to your market

Grow with the M.A.S system



Whether you're starting a new marketing agency or if you have an established business, start and scale with a HighLevel snapshot that will attract new clients



When you have a system that not only grows your markets' leads, but is embedded into their business processes, you'll continue to grow your own client base



Using HighLevel you'll be able to scale your marketing business like never before. Making it easier to retain existing clients and onboard new customers at lightning speeds

Marketing your business has changed

Marketing and automation are not new concepts. But what is new is that for the first time in history, technology is both affordable and accessible to any business - whether you're just starting out or if you own and run an established marketing business.

But it all starts with your market.

If you try to appeal to everyone (or if you believe everyone should buy what you offer) you need to rethink your strategy.

Because appealing to everyone is a sure-fire way to serving no one.

Own your piece of the market - and do it aggressively.

In this blog you will learn about marketing strategies, tips, new ideas and best practices for using HighLevel as the backbone to your marketing agency. You will discover new and emerging trends and technologies in automation, as well as explore how to leverage AI in your business.

At the end of the day, you got into business to make money and have a great experience doing it. You may also have legacy aspirations and want to leave your mark on the world - and the market you serve.

What ever your reason is for doing what you do, you need to learn how to grab the attention of your market, keep its attention and close more business than your competitors.

This is why leveraging marketing automation tools like HighLevel and AI are fundamental to achieving all three. You are still serving humans - but your delivery channels and fulfillment methods have gone almost entirely digital.


Latest Blogs

What's A HighLevel Snapshot?

You may have recently joined HighLevel and been introduced to the concept of a snapshot.

It may have gone right over your head, or it may have made some sense.

Either way, in short a HighLevel Snapshot is a series of funnels, automations and possibly custom values that have been built to solve a specific market's problem.

An example of this may be a Google Review snapshot.

What's the problem with a generic HighLevel Snapshot?

Snapshots are an amazing feature inside the HighLevel software.

They help you save time and effort building a fully fledged funnel yourself.

But the problem with a generic snapshot is just that: they are generic. They can be applied to most markets...

Which makes them vanilla.

What your clients want are bubblegum, strawberry, rocky road...

They want something that is unique and valuable to their business and their own customers!

custom highlevel snapshot

What's A bespoke HighLevel Snapshot?

A bespoke snapshot is designed to do two things:

1 Give you something that is truly unique to offer your clients and

2 Make you and your agency indispensable to their business.

This is only truly possible when you truly solve their biggest problems in more ways that simply generating leads.

While your clients may think they want leads...

What they really need is clients that pay for their products and services.

Our bespoke snapshots do just that. We take the time to get to know you, get to know the market you serve and then build a scaleable system that you can use to serve existing clients and easily attract and retain new business.

And the best part is we do this within 7 days after our first meeting with you!

Want A bespoke HighLevel Snapshot?

To help you attract, scale faster and retain more clients?

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David Steynberg

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Book your 1 hour snapshot chat. During this call we'll go over: 🚀Who your market it 🚀What they want and what they need 🚀What your offer is 🚀And build a framework to create a bespoke snapshot for you to help you sell, scale and retain... more...

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Meet Your HighLevel Expert

Leverage more than a decade of digital marketing and automation experience in your agency.

I'm a proud HighLevel customer and user since July 2020

David Steynberg

David Steynberg


My Story: from retrenchment to success

My dining room table…

I was retrenched just as Covid lockdown bit…

Facing uncertainty and the prospect of homelessness and not being able to put food on the table (yup, this table) for my family, I started a small business from this table with a single client.

The business was simple… Give real estate agents a simple but effective lead generation and management solution.

With no capital or investment, but with a small list of estate agents, I began doing what I really love: writing copy, emails and creating landing pages for real estate professionals.

One client turned into two and so the story of Property Funnels began…

Screaming early mornings working at this table with 3 children running around me I buckled down and put in the effort of my life to make it work…

More clients meant I could invest in better systems and build my vision: a Real Estate Marketing CRM with an unbeatable tech stack and Copywriter-grade content to really help estate agents and professionals do what they really want to do (get appointments and meet people) while being supported by purpose designed long term campaigns and marketing assets to keep their sales funnels full.

Today I am proud to say I only use this dining room table for meals (my kids still create art on it) and we have been fortunate enough to be a position where we have moved into a bigger home with more space to grow further (and where I can work from a designated space).

But every time I sit down with my little family and share a meal around this table, I give a small word of thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to do what I want to do and to be of better service to other risk-taking entrepreneurs who work from their own dining room tables.

And none of this would have been possible without HighLevel.

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ZA Homes
Van Deventer Incorporated


Oh my goodness. It's your world I just live in it. Take the time you need. I am so thankful for you this Thanksgiving and you inspire me to get my client delivery system down to 48 hours or less. Because this is the fastest turn around time ive ever had working with anyone in my business career

Tyler Patterson,

Patterson Holdings

David has been nothing but excellent so far!

Joshua Parsons,

Harcourts Atlantic

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